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Of Antonio Fresco!!

All About My Move To Miami

…has been everything but what you expect it would be, or what I would expect it to be, for that matter.

When I stepped off the plane at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on the night of Dec. 25th. I thought, I was gonna hit the ground running. I had this big plan that I dreamt up, that I was gonna execute to fast track my up start time even quicker. After all, I’ve done this whole “move to a new big city”, not once but twice before. So I figured…


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If you are looking for a dope playlist to follow while you are on the move, don’t worry cause ya boy FRESCO GOT YOU!!! Every week, and sometimes daily, I am adding, not only my songs, but dope songs that I’ve come across that speak to me. So whether you are working out, or riding down the street with the top down, I got vibe to keep you on the move.